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Special lectures


17 January 2020 Dennis Gaitsgory, (Harvard) The "restricted" stack of local systems and geometric Langlands with nilpotent singular support


18 January 2019, Fedor Bogomolov, "On base varieties of lagrangian abelian fibrations on projective hyperkahler manifolds" (in Russian)

15 February 2019, Ivan Cheltsov, " Borisov-Alexeev-Borisov conjecture and its applications" (in Russian)

28 February 2019, Michel Brion, "Automorphism groups of almost homogeneous varieties"

12 April 2019, Charles Fougeron, "Lyapunov exponents and surface groups representations"

19 April 2019, Marat Rovinsky, "Algebraic cycles as modules over finite correspondences" (in Russian)

23 August 2019, Fedor Bogomolov, "On some problems in algebraic geometry and related areas (in Russian)

9 September 2019 Dmitry Kaledin, "Adjunction in 2-categories" (in Russian)

18 October 2019, Gueo Grantcharov, Relations between Laplace spectra and geometric quantizaton of Riemannian symmetric spaces

15 November 2019, Dirk Schleicher. How to find roots of polynomials — and how university students can do successful research on a century-old problem

9 December 2019, Jinsong Xu, On the Jodan property of birational automorphism group of higher dimensional varieties


31 August 2018, Fedor Bogomolov, "Abelian fibrations" (in Russian)

14 September 2018, Fedor Bogomolov, "On $j$ invariants of the projective images of $4$-tuples torsion points" (in Russian)

5 October 2018, Angelo Vistoli, "Essential dimension of finite groups"

10 October 2018, Jenia Tevelev, "Moduli and geography of stable surfaces" (in Russian)

12 October 2018, Ivan Cheltsov, "Fano threefolds of degree 22 with an infinite automorphism group" (in Russian)

19 October 2018, Charles Favre, "Hybrid spaces and dynamics"

2 November 2018, Jørgen Ellegaard Andersen, "Geometric recursion"

9 November 2018, Dennis Borisov, Construction of chiral algebras in differential geometry (in Russian)

23 November 2018, Carlos Matheus Santos, Arithmetic Kontsevich—Zorich monodromies

7 December 2018, Ilia Smilga, The action of the Weyl group on a weight zero space (in Russian)

14 December 2018, Valery Lunts, The cohomology of an algebraic variety as a representation of a semisimple Lie algebra (in Russian)

24 December 2018, Nivedita Viswanathan, K-stability of singular polarized del Pezzo surfaces

28 December 2018, Anton Zorich, Flat and hyperbolic enumerative geometry


22-29 November 2016, Mini-course of Vladimir Berkovich "Non-Archimedean analytic geometry", Moscow

8th of June 2016, Arnold day, Moscow

Lectures of S. Lando on 6th summer school on geometric methods of mathematical physics, 24-29 June 2016 1, 2, 3, 4


2-5 April 2015, mini-course "Pro-etale cohomology", Moscow (in Russian)


1-17 April 2014, Minicourse by Spencer J. Bloch (University of Chicago) "Periods in Algebraic Geometry", Moscow

8-16 September 2014, Minicourse by Henri Darmon and Victor Rotger "Graduate mini-course on the Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer conjecture", Moscow


26 March-1 April 2013, Minicourse by Alexander Schmidt (Universitat Heidelberg) "Higher dimensional class field theory following Wiesend", Moscow

2-4 April 2013, Minicourse by Gabor Wiese (Universite du Luxembourg) "Modular Galois representations and applications", Moscow

21-29 May 2013, Minicourse by Antoine Ducros (Paris 6) and Jerome Poineau (Strasbourg) "Introduction to Berkovich analytic spaces", Moscow

24 May 2013, Talk by Jerome Poineau (Strasbourg) "Berkovich spaces over Z" at the extra weekly seminar of the Laboratory

30 May 2013, Talk by Antoine Ducros "REAL DIFFERENTIAL FORMS AND CURRENTS ON p-ADIC ANALYTIC SPACES" at the seminar "Globus", Moscow

17-21 June 2013, Minicourse by Kyoji Saito (IPMU, the University of Tokyo) "Four Lectures on Primitive Forms" (An introduction to complex analytic theory), Moscow

19-26 June 2013, Minicourse by Adrien Deloro (Paris 6) "Basic model theory of algebraically closed field",   Moscow

29-31 October 2013, Minicourse by Arnaud Durand (Université Paris-Sud) "Introduction to the metric theory of Diophantine approximation", Moscow


3-20 April 2012, Minicourse by Ivan Fesenko (University of Nottingham) (in Russian)

21 August 2012, Talk by Shing-Tung Yau "Period Integrals, Counting Curves and Mirror Symmetry" at the extra weekly seminar of the Laboratory

10 September 2012, Talk by Yuri I. Manin "F1: mathematical object to be defined" at the extra weekly seminar of the Laboratory (in Russian)


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