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21 February 2020, International conference Algebraic Geometry: Methods, Relations, and Applications Dedicated to the 80th birthday anniversary of Andrei Nikolaevich Tyurin (1940–2002), Moscow

18 March 2020, Workshop on complex and algebraic geometry, Moscow

July 11, 2020, Zoomerfest: conference"/"Young Algebraic Geometers", online

September 30 - October 2, 2020, Online school of Laboratory of Algebraic Geometry

October 28, 2020, Annual one day conference in memory of Andrei Nikolaevich Tyurin (24.02.1940 – 27.10.2002), online

November 19, 2020, Workshop on birational geometry, online


25-29 March 2019, Workshop on Birational Geometry, Moscow

19-22 June 2019, HYPERKÄHLER EVENT, Moscow

24-29 July 2019, Summer school "Algebra and geometry", Yaroslavl

30-31 July 2019, Conference "Algebra and Geometry", Yaroslavl

29-31 October 2019, Workshop on Birational Geometry, Moscow


26-30 March 2018, Workshop on Birational Geometry, Moscow

25-29 June 2018, Summer school-conference on Brauer groups, Moscow

23-31 July 2018, Eighth summer school and conferencе "Algebra and geometry",Yaroslavl

29-31 October 2018, Workshop on Birational Geometry, Moscow


3-7 April 2017 Interetional Conference "Birational geometry in positive characteristic", Moscow

25-31 July 2017, Yaroslavl Seventh summer school "Algebra and geometry"

Workshop on Burational Geometry and Hyperkahler Saturday, 22-25 November, Moscow


4-8 April 2016 Conference "Sufaces in positive characteristics", Moscow

16-20 May 2016 Conference "Hyperbolic geometry and dynamics", Moscow

23-27 May 2016 Conference "Monge-Ampere equation and Calabi-Yau manifolds", Moscow

29-30 September 2016 International Conference in honor of Fedor Bogomolov's birthday, Moscow

14-18 November 2016 Conference "Groups of birational automorphisms", Moscow

25-31 July 2016, Yaroslavl Sixth summer school "Algebra and geometry"


16-22 February 2015 Algebraic structures in convex geometry, Moscow (in Russian)

18-22 May 2015 Workshop on rationally connected varieties, Moscow

7-12 September 2015 Workshop on Projective Algebraic Geometry, Moscow

Fifth summer school "Algebra and geometry", 25-31 July 2015, Yaroslavl


11-16 May 2014 International Conference "Topological and geometric methods in low-dimensional dynamical systems", Moscow

19-23 May 2014 International conference "A workshop on the Chow group of holomorphically symplectic manifolds", Moscow

25-31 July 2014 Fourth summer school for students "Algebra and geometry", Yaroslavl (links are available on the pages of the courses) (in Russian)

10-14 November 2014 International conference "Complex manifolds, dynamics and birational geometry",  Moscow

1-5 December 2014 International conference "Zeta Functions 5", Moscow


13-17 May 2013 Conference "Diophantine Geometry", Moscow

Third summer school for students "Algebra and geometry", 25-31 July 2013, Yaroslavl (in Russian)

2-6 September 2013 International Conference "Global Fields", Moscow

22-25 October 2013 International Conference "Geometry of algebraic manifolds" dedicated to the memory of V. A. Iskovskikh, Moscow (in Russian)

28 October 2013 Annual memorial conference dedicated to the memory of A.N. Tyurin, Moscow (in Russian)

13-19 December 2013 International conference dedicated to the 60-th birthday of Boris Feigin "Representation Theory and applications to Combinatorics, Geometry and Quantum Physics", Moscow


5-6 April 2012 International conference "Arithmetic Days", Moscow (in Russian)

23-27 April 2012 International conference "Birational and affine geometry", Moscow

4-9 June 2012 International conference "Algebra and Geometry" dedicated to the 65th anniversary of Askold G. Khovanskii, Moscow (in Russian)

25-31 July 2012 Second summer school for students "Algebra and geometry",  Yaroslavl

10-14 September 2012 The First International Workshop on Algebraic Geometry, Particle Physics and String Theory "Relation of String Theory to Gauge Theories and Moduli Problems of Branes", Moscow

24-26 October 2012 Annual memorial conference "Algebraic and differential geometry of Andrey Tyurin",  Moscow (in Russian)

19-23 November 2012 Forth International conference "Zeta functions", Moscow

3-7 December 2012 International conference dedicated to the 60th anniversary of Viktor Kulikov, Moscow


14-18 March 2011 International conference "Instantons in complex geometry", Moscow

1-7 August 2011 Summer school for students "Algebra and geometry", Yaroslavl (in Russian)

1-4 September 2011 Conference in honour of Fedor Bogomolov's 65th birthday, Moscow

5-9 September 2011 International Workshop "Derived categories in Algebraic Geometry", Moscow

3-7 October 2011 International conference "Geometric structures on complex manifolds", Moscow


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