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Video of the Workshop on Projective Algebraic Geometry

Monday, Sep 7, 2015
15:30-16:20Christian Peskine, Projecting a complete intersection of k+1 quadrics from an interior Pk. Graph and Fano variety of lines.
16:30-17:20Fedor Bogomolov, Symmetric tensors and the geometry of subvarieties of PN
17:40-18:30Baohua Fu, On special birational transformations
18:40-19:30Serge Lvovski, On projections of plane curves and Chisini's conjecture
Tuesday, Sep 8, 2015
15:30-16:20Lucian Badescu, Infinitesimal extensions of rank two vector bundle on submanifolds of small codimension
16:30-17:20Victor Kulikov, On some special actions of the symmetric group S4 on K3 surfaces
17:40-18:30Sergey Gorchinskiy, Categorical measures for varieties with finite group actions
Wednesday, Sep 9, 2015
15:30-16:20Olivier Debarre, Cubic hypersurfaces over finite fields
16:30-17:20Alexander Kuznetsov, Birational isomorphisms of Gushel-Mukai varieties
17:40-18:30Laurent Manivel, Hyperkähler manifolds and the Tits-Freudenthal magic square
18:40-19:30Ivan Cheltsov, Rational nodal Fano threefolds
Thursday, Sep 10, 2015
15:30-16:20Sijong Kwak, Syzygies and classification of quadratic and cubic projective schemes
16:30-17:20Fyodor Zak, Convex bodies, dual varieties, and osculating spaces
17:40-18:30Kristian Ranestad, On cactus varieties of homogeneous forms
18:40-19:30Roland Abuaf, Hyper-Kähler categories
Friday, Sep 11, 2015
15:30-16:20Sergey Finashin, Real deformations of Cayley octads and their links
16:30-17:20Grzegorz Kapustka, Twenty incident planes and hyperkähler geometry
17:40-19:30Robin Hartshorne, Algebraic Space Curves: old results and open problems*
Saturday, Sep 12, 2015
11:00-11:50John Christian Ottem, Hypersurfaces in products of projective spaces
12:00-12:50Yuri Prokhorov, Singular Fano threefolds of type V22
13:00-13:50Michal Kapustka, EPW cubes
15:00-15:50Andrey Trepalin, Minimal cubic surfaces over finite fields
16:00-16:50Angelo Lopez, Positivity properties and stable base loci of cycles


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